FOR YOU -Greg Khin

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FOR YOU -Greg Khin

Notapor borderline el 16 Dic 2015 22:14

Sé que está pero no funciona el puto buscador histórico...lo rescato por la mención de Greg al cover que hizo de For You y lo que representó para él...en 1977 ... hLLBw.dpbs

"Rock Cellar Magazine: Your cover of Bruce Springsteen’s For You helped to garner you significant airplay.

Greg Kihn: Yeah, that was on the second album. Bruce liked my version and started doing it live and even mentioned my name from the stage. I don’t have to tell you that was a thrill. The local airplay grew into national airplay at that time. I remember listening to Bruce’s Greetings From Asbury Park and loving that album and it resonated.

"I had a copy and played it all the time and really loved all the songs. I was dying to see where he was gonna go from that as a songwriter from the first album. He could have gone off in several directions. As for the song For You I remember loving the song early. The chorus (sings) “For you, for you, I came for you…,” just stuck in my head. It wasn’t until I applied the Byrds-style arrangement with a jangly Rickenbacker 12 string guitar and harmonies that the song really grew. It was like I was Jim McGuinn and that song was Mr. Tambourine Man. At the time I used to play a Rickenbacker 12-string guitar and For You was a Rickenbacker 12-string guitar song if I ever heard one.
It’s still one of my favorite songs."

...nunca discutas con un imbécil; te hará descender a su nivel y ahí te ganará por amplia experiencia...
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